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About Me – saharbeigi

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My Story

Sahar Beigi’s life story, like any of us, is a whole book with many chapters that are still being written.
Sahar was born in the year during the revolution in Iran and witnessed war for years as a child. She became a refugee in her teen years, married early, and experienced motherhood. Sahar then hurdled the life-altering obstacles of divorce, homelessness, and mental health as well as dealing with a series of physical health issues.
Over a decade ago, through a series of challenges, Sahar got to the end of her strength and unfortunately resorted to the idea of ending her life. The love from her adoring son became an anchor to instead, take a journey within to understand the core of her suffering and overcome it. She decided to live a life that is aligned with her truth, not her traumas.
Going through her personal development, learning and understanding the profound effects of early traumas. The years she committed to recovering and overcoming her childhood traumas ignited her purpose to empower, inspire, and guide others to overcome their deep-rooted inner obstacles and change their own story.
Sahar has offered her service in schools, foster homes, women’s shelters, rehab centers, and mental health facilities. She also has visited inmates in jails and coached private sessions. For the past ten years, helping others overcome their mental struggles continues to be Sahar’s greatest passion and privilege. To witness so many souls transform their wounds into wisdom, their pain into purpose, and break the cycle of generational traumas.
Regardless of the circumstances, she has admired the power every person has to get through anything and everything. Sahar believes that every beautiful soul can achieve greatness as soon as they decide to declare their birthright and the willpower they behold inside. May we all make our contribution to leave this world a little better than we found it…

“When we are aligned from within to our truth and recognize our triggers, Our reactions shift from blame to taking responsibility”

My Mission

I am your mentor and your guide ready to support you to help yourself by becoming more of who you truly are. My work with you is a professional, respectful, nonjudgmental, and heartful collaboration, where I empower you to achieve your desired goals as quickly as possible. I am devoted to making sure you feel safe, seen, and heard as you are developing skills and habits in a direction that is impactful and exciting for you.

My goal is to ensure after each session, a new seed of insight is planted in your mind, to get you one step closer to yourself and your dreams. You will receive valuable exercises and homework at the end of each session. Together, we will open up space for new perspectives and possibilities, find answers and meanings, and have faith and focus to create lasting results.

“ When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. -Wayne Dyer

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